Why Technology Is Important for Early Childhood Development

Here at Kids Kingdom Early Learning Center, we believe in working with children to help them develop into the adults they will someday be. One of the things we emphasize with the kids (and their adults) right from the start is how important a role technology will play in their lives.

We want to help children understand they are entering an entirely new world in which it will be expected of them to know how to properly use technology for their own benefit. Many of the children are eager to learn about it, and we always ensure they have the tools they require. 

Rules to Follow with Childhood Technology Effective Childhood Development

There are guidelines or rules all educators ought to follow when setting children up with the pieces of technology that they will ultimately use down the road.

When properly followed, these rules can be a guiding light towards a more successful adoption of these technologies. Thus, it is a good idea to look over these rules to get started. 

Technology Can Be a Learning Tool 

There are many people who like to throw mud at the idea that technology can be useful for anything. They would like you to believe that it is only used as a means of entertainment or even to take away from the learning process. However, that does not have to be the case at all.

When properly used, technology can aid in one’s learning. There are numerous resources on the internet that are child-friendly and will help them expand their minds and learn more about the world around them. Technology should always be leveraged in this way to help with the learning process. 

Technology Can Strengthen Relationships

The use of technology to stay in touch with the outside world is another incredibly effective and useful way to think about technology as a whole. Social media is likely what first comes to mind, but it goes beyond that.

There are plenty of other ways children use technology. For one, they use technology to stay in touch with their friends, family, teachers, and more. If they decide they want to use technology in this way, it might pan out in a big way. 

Technology Opens Doors to All Students

Sadly, not everyone has the same access to information and learning as everyone else. There are situations in which children are not receiving the same education as their peers simply because they don’t have the same resources.

When that is the case, it is a tragedy we should be doing something about. Technology can help open doors of opportunity that have been closed to certain students in the past. In this way, it should be celebrated. 

It is best to think of all the things technology can do and avoid painting all technology into one box or another. The truth is, there are a lot of ways to view technology, and it can be a complex topic that is worthy of exploration. 

Tips on Reducing Screen Time

We’ve all struggled to keep our kids busy or entertained at some point, especially during the last few years when many extracurriculars and family outings became harder to safely navigate. For many busy parents, technology provides a quick solution to a difficult problem. But with kids unable to socialize as they would have in the past, many have become overly dependent on screens for entertainment and comfort.

We know that too much screen time can negatively impact our physical and mental health, but once kids become accustomed to a certain amount of it, how can you reestablish healthy limits? Giving your child less screen time may initially seem like an impossible battle, but there are simple ways to start to cut back. Follow these tips to help your child find a healthier balance.

Lessening screen time for children

While screens can help facilitate learning and growing, too much of anything can have negative effects. Children exceeding the appropriate amount of screen time may struggle more with anxiety, depression, concentration and even sleep, which can cause even more complications. So, how do you approach reducing screen time for children in a healthy way? Here are some suggestions:



While it may seem impossible to give your child less screen time at the outset of such a major change, it is well within your abilities to change your family’s relationship to technology and help build up healthier, more balanced coping mechanisms for your children. If you’re looking to fill free time with interactive, educational fun for children up to nine years old, visit Kids Kingdom Early Learning Center online to learn about how we can help your child learn and grow.