Child Curriculum in Greenwood, IN

Kids Kingdom Early Learning Center provides students with age-based curriculum. Our commitment to quality education is backed by our Paths to Quality certification.

We not only focus on teaching kids the basics—including reading, writing, math and science—but also teaching self-expression, confidence and empathy. We know it’s never too early to provide kids with the tools they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

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Early Curriculum

Kids Kingdom provides the youngest minds in our community with an all-inclusive early curriculum in Greenwood, Whiteland, and Indianapolis, IN. Our Biblically based program for infants and toddler education helps kids learn at their own pace. We allow our students to explore the world with exercises and activities that focus on language and sensory development and early problem-solving skills.

We also offer plenty of opportunity for self-expression. From art and music lessons to group storytelling, we help kids start to understand their place in the world and find their individual voice.

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Providing a Comprehensive Approach to Learning

At Kids Kingdom Early Learning Center, we know that learning is not a one-size-fits-all process. Our age-based early curriculum is tailored to the needs and interests of individual students, and we go beyond the basics of reading, math and science to teach kids how to relate to others in a positive way.

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We’re ready to set your child on the path to a successful, happy life!

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Child Curriculum

As your child moves from toddler age to a young child, they enter our comprehensive child curriculum in Greenwood, IN. Beginning at age 3, we challenge students with exercises and activities that introduce basic reading and writing skills. While there are plenty of opportunities for group learning, we tailor our program to individual students, helping them learn at their own pace and gearing lessons toward their interests.

We also offer a Pre-K Plus program to prepare our students to enter Kindergarten. This curriculum allows students to go more in-depth in reading, writing, math and science. Students who complete this program are fully equipped to thrive in any Kindergarten program.

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