Preschool Center in Greenwood, IN

Kids Kingdom Early Learning Center is proud to provide students from ages 3 to 6 with Biblically based pre-k in Greenwood, Whiteland, and Indianapolis, IN. We know that learning the basics, including reading, math, science, social skills and physical education is so important at this age. Our program provides each child with the foundational skills needed for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Our lesson plans provide opportunities for individualized education—we personalize your child’s lesson plan not only to their skill levels, but also to their interests.

Language Arts

Lessons for this age group support your child’s emergent reading and writing skills. Verbal and written expression are important for every child. We provide our students with a strong foundation in language arts through the following activities:

  • Encouraging students to use complex sentences as they express themselves.
  • Providing opportunities for group conversations and storytelling.
  • Helping students recognize their name and foundational words in print.
  • Helping students recognize all letters of the alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase.
  • Providing students with foundational skills in writing.


We start teaching problem solving skills at an early age. Our teachers encourage the exploration of beginning math concepts, including:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Number recognition (0-10)
  • Introduction to positional terms (above, below, beside, between etc.)
  • Basic counting and quantity comparisons


We provide our students with plenty of hands-on opportunities to explore scientific concepts. Our teachers engage with students in simple science experiments that introduce basic themes including growth patterns, sorting objects based on attributes and gaining simple understanding of machines.

Social Skills

As a Biblically-based child development preschool center in Greenwood, IN, we know how important it is for students to relate to others in a positive way. Our program places a strong emphasis on social learning so that each child can express themselves as they identify the emotions of others. Empathy is an important concept that we reinforce early in your child’s learning journey, so they learn to maintain healthy relationships throughout their life.

Physical Education

Students at Kids Kingdom receive at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Our physical education program for students aged 3 to 6 introduces physical concepts including coordination, balance and basic safety. We also teach students about basic hygiene and nutrition, introducing the importance of good health at a young age.

Biblically Based Preschool, Pre-K Plus Center Curriculum

Our preschool, pre-k plus students are very special to the staff at Kids Kingdom Early Learning Center. We know that learning the basics like reading, writing and math are important at this age, but learning interpersonal skills and fundamental health concepts provide our kids with a comprehensive education that leads to a healthy, happy life.

Contact us today at 317-743-8628 to learn more about our Biblically based preschool center and pre-k plus child curriculum.