How to Know If Your Child Is Ready for Preschool

As the parent of a young child, you may be wondering what to look for when it comes to preschool readiness. Deciding exactly when to begin preschool can be a long and difficult process. You need to take many factors into consideration before taking the step of having your little one take that big step to preschool. If you’re asking, “What are signs that my kid is ready for preschool?” then read on.

Your child thrives in routine

Once your child is at the point that they understand and follow routines, they may be ready for preschool. Childcare centers almost always have a schedule that keeps the kids on track. This often includes having a snack at the same time each day, a specific time for play, story time, quiet time and a lesson.

As a parent, you can help your child’s preschool readiness by instituting morning and bedtime routines. This will not only help get them ready for preschool but will also help them get moving in the morning—which can sometimes be a challenge.

Your child is okay with being separated

One key aspect of knowing whether your child is ready for preschool is determining whether they can spend time away from you. Some level of separation anxiety is to be expected with all children going to school for the first time.

You can prepare your child by leaving them with a trusted family member or friend for a couple of hours to test their separation anxiety. Then, when it’s time to go to preschool, you may want to leave your child with a transitional object like a toy from home.

Your child enjoys interacting with other children

Once your child is showing an interest in other kids, they may be ready for preschool. This means that they may be craving more social interaction with their peers. At preschool, they’ll learn valuable social skills like how to share, take turns and speak politely.

Your child has enough stamina for the school day

If your child is napping more than once a day, they may not be ready for preschool. But once they’ve dropped that morning nap, this shows that they’ll have enough staying power to last the day without a meltdown. Preschools are often required to offer a nap time or quiet time where your child will be able to rest.

Preschool can be such a rewarding experience for children. They build those crucial social and emotional skills that will serve them the rest of their lives. And through play, art and exploration, their minds develop at an incredibly rapid rate.

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