Best Quality-Time Activities for Young Children

Having quality time with your child is a good reminder of why you decided to have children in the first place. These are the moments when you bond with your child—and they really can’t be replaced by anything else. It’s when you allow the child’s interests to take the lead, and you support what they want to do. Scheduling out quality time is a great idea so you don’t miss these special moments with your child.

That said, it can sometimes feel hard to find fun things to do with your kids when you feel like all your usual favorites have been exhausted. Read on to find out about the best quality-time activities.

Take a walk together

These days, most families pile into the car to go to essentially any activity. But while you might gain a bit of time, you actually lose out on bonding moments with your child. The next time they want to go to a neighborhood park or to a friend’s house, consider walking there instead. It’s sure to slow down the pace of your life, and it’s a great way to see what your kid notices in the environment around them.

Have dinner together

It’s a simple but tried-and-true way to have family time. With adults—and many kids—constantly using technology, sitting down to eat dinner together each night is a surefire way to spark conversations. To make it more fun, you can do a weekly, themed dinner around foods your kids enjoy like taco night or pizza night. Getting the kids involved in meal prep will make them more invested and provide additional quality-time opportunities.

Pretend play

For preschoolers, pretend play is a way of life. You may tire of playing the same game over and over again, where you’re chasing your child across the house or using blocks to build a castle that will quickly be knocked over. But remember: Pretty soon, that sweet, little child will be a teenager who will want nothing to do with you. Take the time to appreciate this quality time with your child while you still have this close relationship.

Take a pajama walk

Every parent of a young child dreads that bit of time right before bed. One way to calm your child down while providing some bonding time is to take a short walk. Get them all ready for bed—teeth brushed, PJs on—and take them around the neighborhood for a little stroll. It’ll give you a chance to have some mellow time together while putting them in a relaxed mood for sleep.

We hope this guide to fun things to do with kids has been helpful. If you’re looking for supportive childcare, turn to Kids Kingdom Early Learning Center. Our Christian childcare center and preschool fosters a welcoming atmosphere for all students regardless of background. Let us become part of your family and teach your child the life skills they need to grow and thrive. Contact us right now to learn more about how we can help your child.