Learning Your Preschooler’s Point of View

Every parent has been there: you need to leave the house at a specific time for a specific thing. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s taking the child to a doctor’s appointment in Greenwood, IN or out for ice cream—your toddler will find a way to make this difficult. Maybe they will do everything they need to do but will not put on their shoes. You’re left thinking, “Don’t you want the ice cream? How is this the thing that’s stopping us?”

This is when it’s helpful to figure out how to know what toddlers are thinking. The fact is that by getting into your toddler’s point of view, you can better empathize with them and—just maybe—get them out the door without a half-hour meltdown.

Your and your child’s stress levels

One reason it may be so difficult to get your child out in a timely manner is that you’re worried about being late. It’s easy to assume that, if the child isn’t doing what you asked, the blame rests with them. But oftentimes, children are responding to your mood. If you want to hustle and get going quickly, you’re likely to be anxious—which could lead to your child being anxious as well.

One potential solution is to simply begin getting ready far, far earlier than you need to. Take things step by step—first, brush the toddler’s teeth, then help them with their clothes, etc.—and never assume they’re going to do any of it quickly.

Set expectations

Golfers always say the number one thing you can do to improve is to keep your head down when you take a swing, but it’s one of those things that’s easier said than done.

The same goes for the old parenting mantra of “setting expectations.” Everyone knows to do it, but remembering to follow through and do it well is another thing. If, for example, you’re going to a restaurant, don’t assume your child knows how to behave in this situation.

Be specific about how the child will need to stay seated and won’t be able to dump the sugar packets all over the table. And, of course, let them know that if everything goes well, they’ll get yummy food!

Mix it up

Let’s say your day is going poorly. Your kid’s bouncing off the walls and seems determined to make everything difficult. This is when you need to try new things. It’s time to play a new game, read a new book or take the child outside. It’s amazing how simple novelty can flip a child’s mood.

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