How to Plan for a New Baby Going to Daycare

It’s never easy to let go of your child and to allow someone else to take over. But the reality is that your child can thrive by being with other children and being in the dynamic environment of a childcare center.

However, it’s important to know how to prepare for daycare in Greenwood, IN—for both your child and yourself. Read on to find out about planning for childcare for a baby.

When is a good time to take my child to daycare?

This depends on your family’s particular circumstances. With many families having both parents working full time, you may start daycare before you really feel ready. That said, transitioning your infant to daycare can happen from six weeks to six months of age. When you decide to make the switch will be dependent on a range of factors, including whether you have family around to help, your financial situation and parental leave policies.

What should I expect from my daycare?

More than ever before, childcare centers are prepared to handle the emotional and developmental needs of infants. A high-quality program will provide a caring and supportive environment for even the youngest children. You should expect your daycare to do all the following:

  • Talk to the baby
  • Comfort the infant when they’re upset
  • Read stories to the baby
  • Sing songs to the infant

How do daycare facilities handle feeding?

If you’re bringing an infant to daycare, you may be wondering how they handle feeding, as this is the number one task of many new moms. It’s a good idea to start by establishing a regular feeding schedule and then inform the childcare facility about this routine.

You also want to try to get your child accustomed to a baby bottle before they’ll be going to daycare. Then you want to make sure to establish the amount of breastmilk to send with the child each day and arrange for storage.

What will I need to send to daycare with my baby?

As you may have already discovered, packing for a baby can be complicated. Make sure to write out a list ahead of time, then double-check it before you head to the childcare center in the morning. Here are some basics you’ll need:

  • Feeding supplies like bottles and milk or formula
  • Extra clothes
  • Diapers, baby wipes and diaper cream

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