Why Is Early Learning So Important?

From the moment children are born, they start learning all about the world around them. They’re also developing skills that they will use for years to come in all facets of their lives. The importance of early childhood education in fostering these skills and helping children learn new ones is evident in everything from literacy to math skills to emotional stability.
Read on to find out about early learning benefits and discover how the right early learning center can help your child grow and develop.

The importance of early childhood education

The outcomes for children who receive a quality education from an early age are numerous. When parents and educators have a strong relationship, children will gain numerous social and academic benefits. This has both broad and specific applications. For example, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning outcomes have a positive correlation with early learning.
In these early years, a child will build a foundation for their future development, creating a strong base for how they learn throughout their school career. This includes supporting cognitive and social development. Study after study has demonstrated that early childhood education is a vital part of a child’s success in the future.

What to look for in an early learning program

If you believe in the importance of early childhood education, then you’ll want to find a quality program to enroll your child in. From an early age, children can learn so much from being in a classroom setting with both a teacher and their peers.

Here’s what you want to look for in a childcare center that will deliver educational results:

  • Individualized attention: While part of a childcare center’s responsibility is meeting a child’s basic needs, education needs to go beyond that. It’s vital in the early years for your child to have a supportive teacher who will take the time to provide instruction based on your child’s needs.
  • Curriculum: Pre-kindergarten lessons need not be complex, but the center should have an idea of what educational outcomes they want to see. Whether it’s learning how to play together with their peers or singing the alphabet song, ensure that the center’s goals align with your values.
  • Daily story time: One of the most critical activities for young children is reading. Having story time every day at school reinforces this habit. It helps children associate language with text and images—and it creates a positive environment around reading as well. (Bonus points for childcare centers that have dedicated reading areas where children can explore books regardless of their literacy level!)

These are just some of the early learning benefits. Kids Kingdom Early Learning Center is a premier, Biblically-based early childhood learning center. We’re proud to teach the youngest minds skills that last a lifetime. Our supportive and dedicated staff are members of your community, fully invested in helping each student succeed in a loving, safe environment. Let us become part of your family and teach your child the life skills they need to grow and thrive.